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Why Martial Law CAN Happen in the USA

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Reality survival recently did a video outlining why he believes (thinks) that martial law cannot happen in the USA I provide some counterpoints for your and his consideration.

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7 thoughts on “Why Martial Law CAN Happen in the USA

  1. Why haven’t the militaries of Canada, the US and Britain been able to take out the cave dwellers in the Middle East yet? I take this alone as proof that they could not take a armed population because it’s not theoretical it’s reality. They cannot fight gorilla warfare against rusted out AKs from people living like its the 1800s. Just a fact.

  2. With this logic and government equipment, one would assume that the Iraq / Afghanistan / Syrian wars would have been over considerably faster.
    One does need high tech to monkey wrench, roads, bridges, rail lines, communications, power, cell towers, ferry docks, ports or most other infrastructure.
    One does not need high tech or coordination or cooperation with other groups to monkey wrench the area close by. It would even be better not to have those things, if there is no interconnected network then there is no trail to follow.
    Rogue groups of 1-5 with no ties to anyone X 10, in the 36ish cities with a population over 500,000 = 1,800 saboteurs.
    If each group did one mission a week = 360 per week = 18,720 per year
    Now imagine what 1,000,000 could do from every corner of the US.
    Or a general strike, no one goes to work, no schools, no stores, no shipping, no government workers, no gas stations, no manufacturing, no water, no power, no snow plowed, no internet, no youtube,. Even with successful marshal law you can’t make everyone go to work.
    I suspect it would be a moot point because that kind of action from either the gov. or population would crash the economy.

  3. The longer the cultural breakdown continues in the US the harder it will be to get a unified front created in opposition to tyranny. Martial law in major population zones (cities) whom which are almost entirely liberal, disarmed, and very passive will be easy targets for crack down. Rural/Central america is fairly fractured and independent, so a major crack down wouldn’t be as important or efficient as they will go out of their way to keep out of reach and if pressured will offer armed resistance.

    The diversity/multiculturalism is actually what has killed the constitutional citizen. US citizens are more likely to embrace their local/origin culture than unified US culture hence the lack of a unified nation. I honestly think the only way for an opposition to properly be established is if state secession actually happens which is HIGHLY unlikely and prone to infighting (due to every state possessing one or more major liberal cities).

  4. No question that the military is vastly superior, but we are talking numbers. The number of potential insurgent patriots is millions. The military has only enough stockpiles to take out conventional armies of the 1-3 million variety. After that, the ammo manufacturing sites are all well known and subject to disruption. Military will be overwhelmed by small guerrilla units, not massed armies in set piece battles.

  5. Your observations and comments are well thought out, providing a lot to ponder. I am a natural born citizen in the USA; my 60 plus years here have shown me that your conclusions are well founded. As Jefferson wrote in our Declaration of Independence – “all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable…” I hear many people say they wouldn’t accept martial law or they wouldn’t give up their guns. Reality is, most people will capitulate and acquiesce. Talk is easy, whereas action is difficult. Prying a gun from cold dead hands will not be difficult when jack-boot thugs march down the street. History has, unfortunately, shown that to be the case throughout the centuries. Resistance by non-participation and subversion will be the way to freedom.

  6. If a true WROL scenario kicked off in the US ,the government would have no choice but to implement martial law.

  7. I have to love speculation…. Firstly, Martial law has occurred in the USA already. Can it happen? of course. Will it happen because of these cock-eyed prepper conspiracy theories like Jade Helm ( used to market products) probably not. Instead of speculating over if it can happen or not concentrate on the fundamentals of prepping.

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