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Why People Want the Apocalypse, Unconsciously…

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Why do we spend countless hours talking about societal collapse? What is the underlying psychology at work here? Do people unconsciously want the apocalypse in response to constraints put on them by civilization?

Red October

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7 thoughts on “Why People Want the Apocalypse, Unconsciously…

  1. I believe that  The “Prepper” appeal is, that it is,  inherent in our instincts that it is a proper way to live thus creating a draw to it . The human instinct has been so domesticated , influenced and manipulated , that most people can’t deal with their own emotions (which are an integral part of instincts….”triggers” if you will .  It is my opinion Freud was a Pussy….(No sexual meaning implied.)

  2. just because people could construe gravity as a restraint on their freedom doesn’t make it true. even without man’s law there are basic principles we as humans understand to be correct..such as don’t steal, don’t murder ect. complete freedom is when no one is restricting you from doing things you have a right to do.. there’s a difference between being free and you just believing you are the only individual who matters and you can do whatever you want. What you’ve described during that part of the video was textbook definition of a subjectivist

  3. As always, good video and though provoking. What wasn’t addressed is the racial reality of the modern world. The ascension of human systems from individual to global cooperation runs into a brick wall about the time the consolidation starts co-mingling different races/cultures. In nature different species don’t typically merge together. I don’t think it’s coincidental that the prepping movement is thriving in Western culture but not other parts of the world where cultures remain relatively homogeneous. In a PC world where no one dare even mutter the words “White Genocide” you can imagine the anxiety that might lead some to desire the apocalypse that offers a chance of racial survival than to stay on the current globalism course that appears to offer none. The balance between individual ultimate freedom and globalism that you referred to in the end of the video, might very well be the ethno-state.

  4. Actually it should be, with great freedom comes individual responsibility. At this current time in history you can see more individuals and nations clamoring for freedom with the Brexit and a strong possibility of the EU breaking down, Trump’s presidency, even Wacko California wanting to secede. I believe the synthesis you speak of after the clash
    between globalism and nationalism (individualism) will look much like it does now, only with many dead.

  5. Blame the whole mess we are in, nowadays, on “warning labels”. Ever since they started putting warning labels, on everything, dumb asses have gotten a pass, on natural selection. That was the death knell for common sense. How many of the Left, fit that definition? Lacking common sense, they can’t read the writing on the wall. These will be the starving dead, at your gate. If shtf is what it takes, to rid the world of dumb asses, let’s get the show on the road.

    I myself have “sensed” various events, before they happened. An overwhelming sense of dread fell over me, just before the 9-11-2001 attacks. Likewise, when Obama was elected in 2008. The Bible predicts that, in the End Times, “all joy will be stolen from the Earth.” I think many preppers feel that “something is wrong” with society, and imminent destruction will result from these ills.
    THE BIBLE SAYS: “People will be saying ‘peace & safety’, and then SUDDEN DESTRUCTION will befall them.”

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