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Woods Walk With Bad News

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7 thoughts on “Woods Walk With Bad News

  1. So sorry to hear that. I’ve always enjoyed your videos! You are the man to see for a fixed blade knives.

  2. I just found your channel! I hope you will be able to stay here and start making some money again.

    Best Regards from Sweden!

  3. Dude. As a fellow NYer stuck behind enemy lines it’s tough here. Having health issues makes it worse. Best wishes man.

  4. Fuck man, you’re the real life Daryl dixon from the walking dead, and even more badass, you can beat this lupos shit, we’re with you, LES DU DIS

  5. Hey there Tac, so sorry to hear the news. I’m praying for you, brother! You got this! You will get through it! You’re a fighter!

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