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Youtube Purge : Tactical Show

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7 thoughts on “Youtube Purge : Tactical Show

  1. this is your big chance Tac,take it up to President Trump tell him to make a Trumptube he’s a ? man and there’s money to be had..ahhhayeahhh!!

  2. I like your channel, sir! Unfortunately Libtards and Fairies are ruining everything cool these days. And, it is only gonna get worse with time. You will be missed! I’m sorry to see you along with others shutting down your channels. It is very sad.

  3. Easy Tac , regards from England. It would be a sad day if people like you stopped. Keep on doing what your doing my brother.

  4. Liberals control a lot of the media, and they hate ANYTHING related to self dependence/preparation/weapons/etc.  They want everyone to solely depend on the government for their security and livelihood.  It’s easier to control people that way.

  5. for whatever reason all my subscriptions were deleted. I resubscribed to you brother Tac. Shit man I hope you can still hook us up with cool testing vids every couple of weeks buddy. if I had money I’d give you some. damn. UTNTWM

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