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3 Reasons Electric Vehicles MAKE SENSE for Preppers

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I discuss some benefits of having an electric vehicle in a grid down disaster scenario and some drawbacks!

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8 thoughts on “3 Reasons Electric Vehicles MAKE SENSE for Preppers

  1. If anyone’s argument is that an emp will knock electric cars out, you are right, but there won’t be any gas vehicles working either except maybe those old-school 80s and before cars that not too many people have anyways, and they’ll be scooped up first if it did happen

  2. Not worried about a EMP, however you cannot convert electrical vehichles to a wood gasifier.
    In addition your Electrical car is a smart car and one could see the os locking you out of using that thing.
    Just as Apple has censored and deleted the Info War app from it’s store.

    CP has good gear for sale, however is bit of a schill…

  3. I have a Prius …. and goodbye man card.
    1. 40+ mpg, at today’s gas prices is costs $0.10 a mile to move, if shtf includes soaring fuel prices it won’t hurt as much.
    2. Gets 3x the fuel mileage of a truck so in essence 3 of them would use the same quantity of fuel to move giving redundancy.
    3. Very quiet even with the motor on.
    4. Great stealth camper and grey man, park it in a cluster of cars and it won’t stand out.
    5. It can be parked and left idle to run climate control and charge or power devices or listen to radio or communicate on CB or ham radio.
    6. (Not going to help your kodiak sales) A hybrid 12v coach battery and charging system could be inverted and act as a generator. I am still researching if to drive battery has the same capability on a more powerful scale.
    7. Extreme fuel economy means less time “exposed” getting fuel, with a mastery of hypermiling 500-800 miles on 10 gallons of fuel.
    8. Force multiplier with two as your families plan your fuel consumption is now par with a single car. In shtf one car can “scout” and the other hang back. Two is one and one is none…If one is lost, you have a backup.
    9. Use it to tow a small trailer, now you have a ( or two) 40mpg truck(s).
    10. Stuck in traffic or as a LPOP? With all the accessories off and foot off the brake (in park) it will sit static for hours and rarely if ever run to recharge. But launch when dropped in gear and accelerator pushed.

    Long term shtf… raise your hand if you want to the brave soul that will be the only one driving when its a 3mph world.

    Going to get a second hybrid for my wife to run the kids to and from school this spring. And the family van will be set aside for family outings.

  4. I would rather have a bicycle. First of all the Tesla cost so much money ! So when you get to your destination, how are you going to charge it? If you have a normal gas vehicle, you can trade or find gas with abandon vehicles. The idea vehicle will be a diesel engine that can run on pure vegetable oil or motor oil. I have run many vehicles on waste veg oil with out any problems over 70,000 miles. Also these old diesel engines can act as a generator to run your power tools. Electric vehicles are useless in the end of days in my opinion. It will be in practical to charge it.! The best would be a modified truck to run on burning wood gas. Or go back to old school and get a horse and carriage, donkey or mule.

  5. Driving around in an electric vehicle (or almost any vehicle for that matter) during an SHTF scenario? Well, in many SHTF scenarios you’re talking about carrying around a “Please Carjack Me” sign.

    1. +SwissArmy1984 How is it different than a normal car? Let someone underestimate the driver and see what happens 😀

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