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40 Survival Tips for Preppers.

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Surviving during a disaster takes a lot of preparation and determination. Here are 40 tips to help preppers.

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10 thoughts on “40 Survival Tips for Preppers.

  1. Very well done. I especially like #7. It’s so easy to want to try and do
    everything at once, get overwhelmed and just give up. Prepping is a
    marathon, not a sprint. It’s a lifestyle choice that will shape your
    decision making process every day. Keep up the great work on these videos.

    1. +Prepper Hub yeh you’ve got a great channel. the video was well thought
      out and it really covers the most important things to build as a foundation
      when getting into prepping. thanks for the feedback as well…glad you
      enjoy my channel 🙂

  2. A have a 5,300 gallon above ground pool. The kids play in it naturally, but
    I don’t put in chemicals I can’t filter or kill off. A back yard pool is
    the ultimate rain catch and can be filled and stored easily. A single
    gallon of common bleach can remove any bacterial issues if/when desired.
    Common filtration can be used to purify as well. If the water is changed
    every few months, then you’ll always have a great source of backup water in
    an emergency. ;)

    *”If I only have enough time or money or resources to accomplish just one
    more thing before a catastrophe, what would it be?”*

    Learning to Prioritize your preps will comfort you knowing you are making
    the best use of what time you have left.

  4. Water storage is not too much of a problem for me. I have a stream which I
    dammed, and when the reservoir is full it is about five feet deep and backs
    up about 100 feet.

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