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A Good Budget Knife/Hatchet Combo? Part 1 – Preparedmind101

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12 thoughts on “A Good Budget Knife/Hatchet Combo? Part 1 – Preparedmind101

  1. The Part 2 will be Will using the Axe Gang Hatchet, so as to give a perspective that is from someone that likes using axes. Part 3 will be abusive to the knife. Though I like this one more, so I’ll probably abuse the Recon Tanto.

    1. I was just looking at knives last night on Amazon looks like they put up knew knives I haven’t seen. Axes to they go from all prices not shire why Most look the same

    2. PREPAREDMIND101 Mom it’s still cold there here in California the weather got warmer you still can wear a lite weight jacket but once you start moving around might have to take it off

    3. PREPAREDMIND101 I do have me a small hatchet for my backpack I think it’s the pip axe I shorten the handle and did some work to the handle to make it look better I was going to strip the head of the axe and do something with it but just decided to just sharpen it I chosen that one because it’s small and if I had to I could take the head of the handle and use it like that with my hands to get detail work with it. It won’t cut down a tree for a log cabin but small trees maybe.

  2. I always like a good budget gear video.  Affordable doesn’t always mean junk.  Looking forward to Part 2 & 3.  Thanks Chris.

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