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A Survival Kit You Wear – The Wazoo Cache Belt

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Wazoo Survival Gear does survival kits. And their survival kit options are all first quality, so their new Cache Belt is no exception. It’s like a money belt on steroids. It’s amazing how much survival gear you can stash in a cool looking, functional belt.

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15 thoughts on “A Survival Kit You Wear – The Wazoo Cache Belt

  1. So do you know the lenght of the belt, I really like the belt but am pretty
    good size guy and most belts dont fit me.

    1. Ok, went there first and didn’t see it, but then again never done anything
      on kickstarter before. Thanks for the video I always love them. lol finally
      found it, up to 55 inches.

  2. Everything in the belt are things you would want to have if lost or in an
    emergency situation. That is what I like best about it. No fluff or useless
    junk. Now, if they could just squeeze a flare gun in there…LOL Great
    idea, and practical.

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