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A Turn for the Worse- Prepping Reality Check

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I have some bad news that I wish I didn’t have to share. At least I can use this opportunity to get more people to prepare for the realistic things that are more likely to affect them.

I’ve also been investing in cryptocurrencies to provide a passive income to keep the bills paid while I’m going through this.
Below are some links to check out ahead of the video I plan to do on the subject. Keep in mind these are high risk investments and you should not invest money you can’t afford to lose. Make sure to get your initial investment back asap and then compound what’s left over.
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7 thoughts on “A Turn for the Worse- Prepping Reality Check

  1. God Bless you…I’ve been in remission for 18 yrs. I had stage 4 lung Cancer metastic to my spine.
    Still fighting effects of 6 months chemo and radiation. Don’t give up. I had a one in 200 chance
    of living one year. Prayers!

  2. I have never watched any of your videos but came here due to a reference by Canadian Prepper. Sorry to hear the bad news and pray for you and the medical staff caring for you.

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