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After the Collapse: Surviving the Great Lakes Megalopolis

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How would SHTF impact Ontario and the Great Lakes region, well watch the video to find out and discuss in comments!

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7 thoughts on “After the Collapse: Surviving the Great Lakes Megalopolis

  1. As much as I hate the thought of suicide that would be my choice before ever considering cannibalism and I know MY Lord GOD would forgive !!!

  2. @ Canadian Prepper: I’d love to see a video about Gas Masks, especially where the every day person of the public could buy one. Now on to TGL All I can say is we don’t live that far north and won’t be moving that far north either, but great video as always.

  3. Awesome video! Being from Ontario, we have two points to add;

    There are several military bases all along the St-Laurent and Ottawa Rivers.
    The border bewtween USA and Canada is the biggest dual country border in the world, and is undermanned all across the country. During a SHTF or WROL situation, illegal crossing between the countries are made easy via the great lakes.
    Great work, can’t wait to see the Quebec video!

  4. “The black fly, the little black fly, always the black fly no matter where I go, I’ll die with the black fly pickin’ my bones, in North Ontar-i-o-i-o, in North Ontar-i-o.” I see what you did there!!

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