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Battlbox Mission 24 Unboxing and Review – Camp Cooking

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Mission 24 is the Camp Cooking box. Battlbox is a monthly subscription box with a different theme each month, including a knife of the month option.

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14 thoughts on “Battlbox Mission 24 Unboxing and Review – Camp Cooking

  1. Gonna try to order that cook book. Hard too find cook books for the field in sweden. Everything i do in the bush i have figure out my self haha

  2. Eight thumbs down!

    Yes, I am a former Navy Squid!

    Let’s Make America and Bushcraft Great Again by Dumping ALL of the Dopey Box Subscriptions in 2017!

    Let’s actually start using our heads again, when we select our individual personal gear!

  3. Thanks for the review.  Two questions if I may.  1)  Profile wise, the Utica looks kind of like an ESEE 4, and the Battlbox price makes them comparable.  Which would you rather have?  2)  Can you buy any single Battlbox without having to subscribe?  I am not a fan of gambling on what might come in next month.

    1. +Urbanredneck 1) I have no experience with ESEE and actually none with this model either so I can’t offer an opinion. I think both are probably very good knives.

      2) no you cannot. That is sort of the premise behind all of the subscription boxes. They base their purchases and/or solicitations for deals from the manufacturers on how many subscriptions they have to fill in the months ahead.

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