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Battlbox Mission 27 Unboxing and Review – Outdoor Weather Protection

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Mission 27 is the Outdoor Weather Protection box. Battlbox is a monthly subscription box with a different theme each month, including a knife of the month option.

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12 thoughts on “Battlbox Mission 27 Unboxing and Review – Outdoor Weather Protection

  1. Ok so 10 attempts to watch the video and all 10 times I get about 15 seconds in and it says no connection (Playback ID: RwU8PuoS6uOU29Av) each time has a different ID number. I can watch all of your other videos with no issue. Something is definitely fishy

  2. I’ve been watching you for a while. Brian, how many copperheads are in that old wood pile behind you? Be careful!

  3. Great video and review. Was the skunk left over from April’s box?!?!? LOL!!! Battlbox did a better job than last month’s. That’s for sure but it still wasn’t the best box I’ve received. The send away jacket was billed as “order your custom size”. You even kind of eluded to it as “request the size that you need”. I’m a big guy and I need at least a 4XL – 5XL depending on the cut of the jacket. I contacted the company directly and I was told that they only have up to a 3XL. They said they don’t have 4XLs or 5XLs and that they are not going to make those sizes. Basically I was told I’m SOL. That cost me $50. I don’t like this kind of response. My money spends the same as everyone else’s and I should receive the size I need…Period. If they can’t accommodate everyone then it shouldn’t be part of the box. I understand that they can’t please everyone with every item in every month’s box. That’s how a monthly subscription works but at least up until now everyone could use every item in every box weather they needed (or wanted) it or not. They aren’t sending subscriptions to Europe because they can’t send the knifes. They won’t do the subscriptions there because everyone there would be mad if their box was shorted a knife. I feel shorted. I wouldn’t buy it if it didn’t fit me. Plus, I sent for the jacket nearly a month ago and still haven’t received the dang thing. I was already mad because the socks and Bonnie hat are also too small. I’ll try and make the socks work but the hats a wash. I did luck out and received the Special Edition Black version of the SOG Knife of the month so that made up a little for the other stuff. Any how…If Battlbox intends on doing this mail back crap (which I hear they are gong to do) and start sending me a bunch of gimme t-shirts that don’t fit then I’m dropping my ProPlus membership. I love Battlbox and have been a happy ProPlus customer for nearly 2 years but the last 3 – 4 boxes (especially April’s) have really tanked for me. I hope they haven’t run out of ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    1. +Jack G. I understand your frustration. But to be fair, you probably have issues buying clothes in many places. I am sure people who wear a really small sizes have the same problems. I do think it is good that they are trying to figure out a way to include some personalized items in the boxes

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