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Battlbox Mission 37 Basecamp

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Battlbox Mission 37 – Base Camp is about basic camping gear and useful items for setting up a base camp. Use the coupon code SURVTEN and save 10% off your subscription at:

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14 thoughts on “Battlbox Mission 37 Basecamp

  1. Thanks for the review. I’m not interested in subscribing to battle box but I do see some interesting stuff in the different boxes that I’m going to get.

  2. Hi, I’ve been watching your videos for quite a while and have enjoyed them. Could you spend more time on the Kelly Kettle, like a demo. I would be curious of your opinion as a scout. Thanks

  3. You could do a review on the klax, the blue hatchet to make a fire for the kelly kettle. That might be fun!

  4. Great review as always! This one might not go to my top 10 but still has some pretty cool items there. I like the lantern a lot. Looks cool. Runs with AA batteries? And by diameter might even fit inside a Nalgene bottle size pouch? And fleece sleeping bags sure are handy. The skin protection kit is nice too. Would be great for travelling. This one would make pretty nice base for a summerhouse/ hunting-lodge grab bag. Or for vehicle emergency bag. Thank you for sharing Bryan 🙂 Big thumbs up!

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