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Battlbox Mission 43 – EDC 3 0 – Everyday Carry Gear

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This Battlbox unboxing is Mission 43, the EDC 3.0 Box. Use the coupon code SURVTEN and save 10% off your subscription at:

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Also, here are some links to the individual items included in this month’s box:

Speedy Sharp Knife Sharpener/Striker: 

LighterBro Classic: 

Exotac FreeKey System:  

Exotac BMQR .380 Magnetic Quick Release Key Ring: 

Battltac D.U.T. (Daily Utilty Tool): 

Olight S1 Baton: 

Exotac EDC Roll: 

Real Steel G5 Metamorph (Standard Colors): 

CRKT Crossbones Knife: 

CRKT Viva Tool: 

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15 thoughts on “Battlbox Mission 43 – EDC 3 0 – Everyday Carry Gear

    1. +Survival On Purpose Brian you mean to tell me you didn’t have a skunk pop up on the balance orientation board and then disappear cuz I saw it

  1. Iiiiiiiiit’s Battle Box time . A cup of tea a slice of fruit cake , sit back and relax . I like the CRKT knife , but in Australia you would end up before the judge if you got caught with it . Thanks Brian.

  2. Thanks Brian..Great Review.The battlbox is Definitely something to look into for sure..may have to check it out for sure..?

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