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BattlBox UNBOXING (MISSION 47) AND Some Honest Conversation about Sub Boxes.

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In this video we will cover A LOT of different topics, but we will first UNBOX BATTLBOX MISSION 47 and then talk about subscription boxes – do you like them? Why? Why not? What do you like about them? What don’t you like? Leave a comment and let’s get chatting.


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7 thoughts on “BattlBox UNBOXING (MISSION 47) AND Some Honest Conversation about Sub Boxes.

  1. Just saw the new edc apocabox and what a bunch of junk rope a junk screw driver lip gloss and bandana are u kidding me the box cost as much as some of what they gave him in the box oh I forgot a piece of leather to bad hopefully it cost him $10 but probably more like $50 for $20 of garbage tops this battlebox seems to be much better good to know never buy an apocabox and go with battlebox especially if u don’t now what u might need but you should really make your own survival bag etc u can get much better gear that might cost more but it’s still better than having subpar emergency gear though this bag isn’t to bad but u can do much better looking into gear and bags so u can get quality gear u need depending on what u might in counter during shtf especially since we all live in different areas with different needs I believe these boxes are for people with channels or don’t know where to start. Another thought is survival books they can be priceless in shtf I own 20 books from hunting navigation keeping meet fresh longer starting power sources of your own from scratch along with defense trapping smoking meat what’s edible and what’s poisonous to eat how to pick locks making traps for animal hunting how to store food how to butcher different animals because alout of animals have scent glands in weird place that can destroy the meat how to build different types of fires especially if u want your fire to be invisible to strangers shelter building home defense what plants can be used to treat many different sicknesses overall survival medical issues and how to deal with them including making your own antibiotics and of course a bible to help people who need faith to get through hard times.PS I asked a year and a half ago if u could do a class in the woods where we would camp and practice while learning from each other u said u were looking into it for the 2018 summer which as past I live in Massachusetts so newhampshire is a short drive maybe u will put more thought into the summer of 2019 I get your busy so I don’t blame u great channel hoping for more great videos and maybe meeting u during a wilderness class.Again sorry for the punctuation and length of post hope u read it all and think about an outing with like minded fans who wanna learn for themselves and family ??✌️

  2. Anyone commenting on this or watching this already knows the best way to acquire new gear. Watch gear reviews on YouTube FOR FREE!! and then efficiently pick and choose what best suits your own personal needs and scenarios and factors in what gear you already have. It doesn’t matter if I get great “price value” if the “great deals” I get are on stuff I only “kinda like” and “sometimes” use when I already have knives I REALLY LIKE and use all the time.

  3. I had battle box for about a 9 months to a year and I got rid of of it! They kept putting gear in that no one needs. And there own crap gear they made! Not worth it.

  4. Tim, thanks for the live stream, you mentioned basically the YouTubers that I would want to see your interactions with. I grew up in the lakes region,cwas birnnin Franklin, lived the first 1/2 of my life in tilton/Northfield, then moved to Arizona

  5. If i had the money i’d go with the pro box from battlebox because you get quality gear and the filler is always a wild card! Haha The keychain tools are what grinds most peoples gears. I don’t think the pro plus is worth it because a knife (at least to me) is a very personal thing. I pick my knifes to what i need out of them, so getting something random that will potentially sit around or be given away doesn’t seem worth it to me. Other boxes kind of feel like cheap imitations of battlebox. Also on a side note I love it when you bring God into your process!

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