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Behind the scenes of a youtuber

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Behind the scenes of a youtuber
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11 thoughts on “Behind the scenes of a youtuber

  1. Thanks for watching this video. My knife is sold out btw… so I want to thank all my customers who supported me and bought an APO-1. For those who did not get one in time I expect new knives to arrive around mid of March. If you want to get a reminder per email. Just send me a business email. You will find the email address at my website. All the best ~ Lilly <3

    1. Survival Lilly are you considering a 12cm blade version for countries with shitty knife laws? Or would it ruin the overall balance and performance too much?

  2. Great video lily. My daughter brought back some Haribo from her trip to Germany in January. Taste is different from what we get back here in New York. Totally understandable why you’re addicted. LOL

  3. Hi Lilly. Love the videos. I love archery too and shoot recurves and long bows. Just a pointer that you may not want to store your bows vertically because the limbs over time can get damaged or twisted; you can read about this on the web. It is best, if you can, to store them horizontally in a rack. Maybe you could build a wall rack in your super cool work shop! There are tons of plans online. Keep up the great work!

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