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Best Long Term Backpacking Stove: FIREBOX GEN 2

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Get a Firebox stove here (PRICES IN CANADIAN DOLLARS- 25% less in USD)

Get a Firebox Nano Here

Get a Firebox Nano Titanium Here

The best flat folding wood gas stove that will fit in your bug out roll.
· Multi-fuel versatility
· No assembly, hinged construction (a true folding stove)
· Perfect for the Trangia Spirit Burner (“Sweet spot” head space of 1″ in top position)
· Proprietary cross-feed fuel delivery system
· Adjusts to fit small cups or large pans
· Fits in your shirt pocket

Width: 3.0″ (8 cm)
Height: 4.75″ (12 cm)
Folded: .25″ (.635 cm)
Weight: 6 oz (170 g)

Made of Stainless Steel

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10 thoughts on “Best Long Term Backpacking Stove: FIREBOX GEN 2

  1. Heavy gauge stainless steel costs more than some flimsy Chinese knock-off that’s going to warp and/or fall apart. You can buy this once, or keep on buying the cheap ones over and over again for the rest of your life. I’ve had mine for almost 6 years now and I’d buy it again if it broke [it won’t].

    1. Makes perfect sense. Think for as often as I get to use mine it’s not worth getting a more expensive one. I have a 40+ hr a week job, young child and a baby on the way so as of the last 3-4 months only been out a few times.

      These for me are leasure or back up stoves. Ultimately I use mine for fun when the mood takes me and as a worthy back up to my multifuel stove. I’m happy to take this to boil water for a cuppa or to cook with out on a hike where the only consequence is that I don’t get a cuppa or a warm meal. That said can’t really see how mine can fail catastrophically short of a hinge snapping off irreparably which could be remedied short term.

      If I was backpacking far and often and I truly relied and depended on this as my main source of cooking then id view this differently. There may come a time when I decide to upgrade to a near exact replica but in titanium should my current one or its next of kin die on me. But for my purposes, at the moment, my lil cheap stove is just the ticket. I’d also happily buy exactly the same cheap one again and again even keeping a few in reserve as at that price why not.

    2. John Campbell reminds me of my leather mouse pad. It’s in use for over 10 years now and I still remember how my father complaint about my expensive taste….
      If something is built to last it can cost 3x as much and still be cheaper.

  2. the firebox is now HOWEVER it is too heavy! — i had one and sent it back as it was over 2 lbs! I got the Bushbox XL Titanium as it is half the weight –it is german made! yes it costs more but at the end of the day ounces equals pounds and pounds equal pain!

  3. Funny a video for little folding stove came out same day I got a princess auto flyer with a cheap knock on sale

  4. Dude Canada just ruled that a Private Christian school can’t be accredited for teaching Christian values. What does American Prepper have to say about that?

  5. When you open the stove. Take out the fire sticks and then just unfold the stove and the ash plate will just pop off by itself.

  6. i bought 2 for me and wife for bug out bags .made the mistake of showing it off at the bar and some asshole broke into my car and stole it. i did to good of a job showing it off, works great with alcohol burner inside. bought another one love the stove.

  7. Your stuff is QUALITY!!! Saying that,,,you should look into the Kelly Kettle. Top notch at boiling water,,,,GREAT for Mountain House meals,,,,,????

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