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Bobster Zulu Ballistic Glasses – Tactical Show

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9 thoughts on “Bobster Zulu Ballistic Glasses – Tactical Show

  1. Tactical I have requested several times to ask if I could send you a blade that I made for you to test for me . I have not heard back from you yet. I do realize you have many people subed so I do understand for the delay. The blade would be donated to you and your channel free of charge of course. I am a maker and have only been making knives for around 3 years now and have also been an avid watcher of your channel. I would love the opportunity for you to try and destroy one of my blades the blade would be made of 5160 spring steel. I know this is probably an un common request but I find your channel very informative and respect your very indepth reviews.. I would not expect you to return the blade after testing it would truly be an honor for me to give you one of my hand made blades.. I have a design that would be perfect for you to utilize any way you would like. Please let me know you can message me VIA my youtube channel martin and shan moldovan

    1. I understand that as soon as you do please let me know . It would be awesome to see you brutalize one of my blades.  I will be working on the style I am wanting to send. I will ask every now and then to see if you are ready if that is cool..  Thank you very much I cant wait to see my work in your hands. Just saying there will not be a wrapped handle more that likely the handle will be constructed from Ebony and be a safe construction. Thank you very much for the opportunity to have your expertise in this area. It will surely be an epic adventure….  Martin M&S Blades

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