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Bug Out Camp LIVE Q&A

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7 thoughts on “Bug Out Camp LIVE Q&A

  1. enjoyed the video after the live stream. Nice job. Have enjoyed your journey on YouTube! Also from Iowa but can’t make the trip

  2. the oil on the axe looks great bro very nice maybe burn in your CP logo great steam bro cheers big buddy

  3. ive been on the chats but cant get full picture in and out my e net sucks so im watching it now cheers brother be safe !!!!

  4. Hey! If you ever get tired of some of those knives, you can send them my way. They’ll be going to a good home. Honest :o) The connection is good. Coming over loud and clear, but then you’re done. I’ll edit as the video goes on. Looking forward to your talk on the camp. I have a question about a knife I desperately want to see tested because I think I want it. Do you have or ever used a TOPS, ALASKAN HARPOON? // I have a years supply of food. It fits in one closet. It is just staples, wheat, wheat grinder, powdered and freeze dried food. There was a trucker strike in San Diego years ago and the stores were cleaned out in three days. I mean cleaned out. Real important to have a years supply of food. Droughts, disasters, system break downs, that is SHTF. Okay, that’s enough of bugging you about bug out stuff.

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