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Bugout Roll Gear/ Color Concepts: First Aid Red

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7 thoughts on “Bugout Roll Gear/ Color Concepts: First Aid Red

  1. So it’s the size in the video that’s on sale on the website?
    Will buy if that’s the case.

  2. Hey just an idea i had, i was guna sew or more likely ask my grandma to sew a velcro patch on it for labeling reasons (such as a velcro red cross) but if there was a factory version for an additional price that’d be prefered. I probably won’t buy mine for another 4 to 6 months so maybe it will be an option by then. Hope everything’s well man and thanks for everything!

  3. Great looking piece of kit. Ever thought about making smaller versions? 1ft by 1ft / 2 /3 etc. Be ideal for an individual enhanced first aid roll.

  4. These would look good in my store . I sell all the medications you can not find lol plus IV suplies and more

  5. Really cool idea! I’ve never really looked at organizers the same way after watching all your videos on the bug out-roll. I’m gonna try to get one as soon as possible. And it’s a really good way of supporting your channel.

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