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Canoe Camping Tips and Gear – Okefenokee Swamp Canoe Trip

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My Boy Scout Troop went canoe camping in the Okefenokee Swamp in March. Here are some general canoeing and kayaking tips and a look at the specific gear I used on the trip. All the gear I used can be found at the links below (some of them support this channel):

Tilley AirFlo Hat:

Casio Solar Watch (current model):

Suunto Clipper Watch Band Compass:

Tru-Spec 24/7 Ascent Pants:

Klik Belt D-Ring Belt:

5 5tar Gear Wire Gate Carabiner:

Swiss Army One-Handed Trekker Knife:

Storm Whistle:

TK4 Tourniquet:

Lifeproof Waterproof Phone Case:

Wazoo Survival Bracelet:

Expedition Research Dry Bags:

Barlii DrySak TPU Dry Bag:

Outdoor Products Budget Dry Bags:

Gamma Seal Bucket Lid:

Food Grade Buckets:

Klymit Cush Recon Inflatable Seat Cushion:

Aquabot Spray Water Bottle:

Outdoor Vitals Tent:

MSR Hubba Hubba NX2 Tent:

Hyke and Byke Zion Tent:

Thermarest NeoAir Trekker Pad (latest):

Thermarest Compressible Pillow:

Wildo Fold-A-Cup:

LMF Spork:

Thrive Life Snackies:

UCO Air Headlamp:

UCO Vapor Headlamp:

Olight H16 Headlamp:

Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repeller:

Vanquest EDCM Huge 2.0 Pouch:

Combat gauze:

Quik Clot:

HydroBlu Sidekick Filter Straw:

Wowtac A1S Flashlight:

R.A.T.S. Tourniquet:

HydroBlu Versa Flow Water Filter:

HydroBlu Gravity Bag Water Filter:

SIgnal Panel:

DuraLounge Camp Chair:

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14 thoughts on “Canoe Camping Tips and Gear – Okefenokee Swamp Canoe Trip

  1. Dallas Ga. Okefenokee survivor. Love the video brother. We have been down there several times camping and canoeing.

  2. Great video as always Bryan 🙂 And not at all too long! Really good coverage on gear. Useful tips 🙂 Would work nicely as a basis for packing for a paddling trip 🙂 My friend does sea kayaking regularly (almost all year round if the sea is not frozen) and has asked me to attend many times. Maybe I should someday. After having some kayaking basics course. I like the Klymit Cush. Has been part of my camping ( and my EDC bag) gear for couple years. (Way better than using my boots as a pillow like I used to do for many years.) Along with the Wildo cups and Suunto compasses. They are great 🙂 I have a whole bunch of them. Silva makes a quite nice miniature base plate compass too, does not have rotating bezel though. And also pretty cool one with thermometer. Both have a carabiner for attachment. I have found the Thermacell ( the standard one) having problems in certain places. Does not quite have enough “oomph ” for Lapland. I had two of them running at the porch of the cottage and still ended up looking like a human shaped raspberry. Seems that certain type of mosquitos just don´t get repelled easily. Thank you for sharing 🙂 Big thumbs up!

  3. Good video, but Do t stress about the time. Slow down and make sure that you cover everything you want to cover, it’s better to run a little long than to leave something out.

  4. Brian, you didn’t have to rush this video. There are a lot of fans out here who believe in you and what you do…especially with kids. I worked with the Boy Scouts in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, and the rewards are tremendous. I taught first aid and two of the boys went on to become doctors in their communities. Anyway, my wife and I are retired now and plan to move to Clearwater unless for some reason she persists on returning to Hawaii. I kayak and plan to do the Okefenokee Swamp. Your tips are really helpful. I took notes and had to watch your video twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything. That bucket is a super idea along with that old man easy chair :)…I will have to invest in a canoe (or a Sea Eagle 370). My kayak barely accepts my large waterproof stuff sack, a waterproof backpack and a small cooler plus a modified fishing kit. Thank you, Brian, for a very worthy video, for the work you do as a Scout Leader and as positive influence in our community.

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