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CIMA Survival Knife Companion ~First Impressions~ From GearBest

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Buy it on GearBest-

I saw this first from JoeRobinetBushcraft.
Here’s a link to his video-

Handle Scales: Flax Micarta
Blade Material: 7Cr17MOV Stainless Steel
Hardness: 58 HRC
Color: Black
Overall Length: 21.5 cm (8.46″)
Cutting Edge: 8.5 cm (3.34″)

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11 thoughts on “CIMA Survival Knife Companion ~First Impressions~ From GearBest

  1. Will this end up on your other site wrapped in kydex in the future. I hope
    so because I just brought the knife and I recon a custom sheath will suit
    it great.

  2. I’ve been carrying it as my EDC fixed blade for a few weeks now. I have
    used it to process a little bit of wood, cut up some cardboard boxes, and
    to prepare a lot of food (probably my most common EDC use). It needs to be
    stropped more often than a better steel would, but it takes an edge easily,
    and when it does, it performs very fine cutting and slicing like a champ.
    Also, if it were ever needed as a last ditch defensive weapon, it would
    more than get that done.

  3. Funny you mentioned Joe, I saw the knife on his channel too and I picked
    one up and never used it, since then I acquired the Esee4 and was amazed
    how similar they’re are, the esee3 world be a better match size wise. Great
    video. I need to look into Ontario and see if this is like their rat

    1. +TAC-HILL both the serrated and non-serrated versions are on the same
      listing. The link in the description is for the non-serrated version.

    2. TAC-HILL I’ve seen it with serrations, I’m curious on that since I have the
      CIMA already. It’s darn close to my Esee4

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