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Crossbreed Holsters – Concealed Carry That Works

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Crossbreed Holsters invented the hybrid holster by pairing kydex and leather to create a super comfortable concealed carry holster. They also make an excellent gun belt in a variety of styles.

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15 thoughts on “Crossbreed Holsters – Concealed Carry That Works

  1. I’m kinda sick of these gun videos. I get that this is more “important” in the U.S but I did not subscribe for this.

    1. Sky-Valo I was just letting him know that I am not interested in this type of content. He can take it however he wants. Just giving some feedback 😀

    2. It’s a shame ya spent all that money on a subscription just to have the channel change…Oh wait 😉

    3. +TheMoldyPotato this is almost the last one from the NRA show. Maybe one more Sunday and I think that is it. But there will be more gun stuff coming. I like gun stuff. It is fun to me. Also more knife stuff and survival kit stuff and camping stuff and …..

  2. I started with a crossbreed for my Springfield S&W 40 3.8 It was kind of the prototype for all the rest that came along after. Kingtuck et. al. I now use Alien Gear IWB and OWB holsters. They are kind of a “step up” in quality.

    1. Keep in mind, I bought my CB holster 10 years ago, surely they have made improvements since then. I haven’t checked them out lately. On mine, the leather (bull hide) was good, the Kydex was very thin however and did not retain well after about a year. The CB gun belt I bought lasted over 10 years of daily use.

  3. Thank you Brian, I did not realize that all of the holsters they make were still molded by hand. Very cool!

  4. Great video on The Best Concealed Carry Holsters Made in America ! The Craftsmanship is Outstanding , there built to outlast us , believe it .

    1. +Bryan Oliver I will be checking some out soon. I have to admit they have a tough challenge to beat Hawg Holsters as my all time favorite but they sure seem to be an excellent holster.

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