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Don’t Get Trapped By Hurricane Flood Waters – Get A Rescue Tool

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Hurricane Harvey just devastated the Houston area and Hurricane Irma may be one of the strongest hurricanes on record. If you are in a possible flood area it is a good idea to have a rescue tool like the S&W SW911B rescue knife to help escape from a flooded vehicle.

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14 thoughts on “Don’t Get Trapped By Hurricane Flood Waters – Get A Rescue Tool

  1. Such a bad design for a rescue knif Think it dark and you have to cut yourself loss. That point will do you harm. or anybody else your trying to save.

  2. Bryan, that spring loaded breaker will bust a car’s safety glass on the first strike no problem. My only concern is getting it cocked under extreme conditions by some panicking person. I far prefer the static pointed breakers on the end of a knife because they are a no brainer; just smash the window. Great review as always.

    1. +Irish Zombie Nation I assume the viewer has enough intelligence to make their own decision based on the performance demonstrated in the video. I usually try to avoid recommending things unless I REALLY think they are great (like my HAWG Holster I just used for the Tactical Response Fighting Pistol class). I just try to be honest and, since I was not able to try this on an actual car window, I can’t say whether it would have worked or not. I will say unequivocally if your can has ceramic tile windows this is not a good choice 😉

  3. Yup I’m with ya on that Figity lil rig in the end, As a Retired V.F.F We always have the ResQMe tool on us & Works Every Time Bam !                       ATB Terry  God Bless

    1. Hay Bryan; Go to your local fire Dept. & tell ’em you would like to get a Res-Q-Me tool spelt like this on the side of it, Goes right on your key-chain, If Ya can’t find it  Holler at me Brother !  ATB Terry  God Bless

  4. Bad design. Why would anyone design a rescue blade with a point? That cocking system looks far more trouble than it’s worth too. Save up the money for a real rescue tool, not a cheap S&W one. That’s one tool you shouldn’t skimp on.

  5. Had a 1000 year flood here in Louisiana last year and 4 parishes got devastated but I am not sure if it got much national coverage because New Orleans was not involved. The Amite River basically flowed through Livingston Parish and we did not even have cops around for several days.

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