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Every Prepper Should Have This Item 24 / 7

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Maybe not 24/7 but at least 12/ 7! There really is no excuse not to have this prep! It pulls its own weight and some!

Heres a link to Wazoos belts

or check out other belts here

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7 thoughts on “Every Prepper Should Have This Item 24 / 7

  1. Number one survival item if you only had one thing on you is a knife,
    always has been always will be. It can do more for you than anything else,
    including making a belt. I think the ideology of something like this might
    want to be rethought as leather belts offer things that this cannot.
    Cordage is meant to be used, as soon as you use it, you lose your belt
    unless you want to tourniquet your waist with a fine length of cord, unless
    you wear elastic pants or have a fat back side. I disagree and would
    relegate a large knitting of paracord for a gun sling, or a breakaway
    necklace/bracelet. You’ll be losing whatever it’s currently being used as
    when you dismantle it e.g. shoelaces.

  2. Okay I thought this was really cool. At least until I followed the link and
    found its $109.00. Holy crap man. I know there is some effort in making
    them but not that much when you have the jig setup. Great idea but I don’t
    know many people that would drop the money on this.

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