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FAQ: Survival Knife Keepers Part 2: Primary/Mid-Sized – Preparedmind101

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If available, most of the knives shown can be found at one of the first 4 links below.

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12 thoughts on “FAQ: Survival Knife Keepers Part 2: Primary/Mid-Sized – Preparedmind101

    1. I didn’t really notice the watch I did how ever noticed that u have what I believe to be a new hoodie. and it looks awesome

    2. Hi Chris, Thanks for this latest video! Completely understand your comments about updating & upgrading your knife inventory. Really glad to hear that you intend to do some upcoming videos on products available at The Knife Connection. They currently have a great package deal on a customized Esee 6 with a complete Sheath unit. Hence, I am REALLY interested to see & hear your thoughts in an upcoming PM101 video on a direct comparison between the Becker BK7 and the Esee 6 since those seem to be the two most frequently used Bushcraft knives in that size (and price range) by You Tubers. To be honest, it occurred to me that it would also be a perfect subject matter for one of your PM101 videos for that very same reason! Since many of us subs highly value your thoughts and opinion on a matter like this subject, I respectfully ask you to consider making that type of video when you have the time & opportunity to do so. I really think A LOT of your PM101 viewers would really appreciate seeing a video from you on that topic. Thanks again for all of your work on this channel!

  1. Hey Chris, nice knives for the most part. Enjoyed the vid, The Honey Badger still eludes me. I thought I would see the Bark River Cub, I love mine. My Tope Recon did make your list though, as well as mine. Do you still have your Bark River Cub?

  2. Just wondering if you have ever done a review on first edge knives, or ones from Hardcore Hardware? Thanks for all the great reviews.

  3. Personal Preference is all that matters really.
    My BK9 is a Keeper for sure. And if anything happens to it, i will buy another ASAP.
    My two BRK-JX5-V1s are keepers. Too pricy to replace them though. So I’m more careful with them.
    My OCK Rtak2 is another keeper. Need to get a better sheath still. I prefer leather sheaths.
    And more…

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