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Flex Seal Survival Hacks

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Flex Seal for Survival Hacks
We’re taking Flex Seal Rubberized coating and applying it to different items that could be useful in a Survival Situation or for everyday task. Big thanks to Richard MrMadMick15 YouTube Channel :

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8 thoughts on “Flex Seal Survival Hacks

  1. I wonder if this will protect leather. Also, for those concerned about toxicity, Silicone and Mineral Spirits can also be used to waterproof fabric items.

  2. I use the spray can to repair my electrical tools that have cuts in the handle or rubber. And although they don’t say it, they do protect you from electric shock.

  3. The Cold Steel GI Tanto knife is a very good knife but the handle is very slick, like to try this Flex Seal on it.

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