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Food VS Gold in SHTF

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What is the more important commodity to store for collapse? The answer is not so simple.

Bugout Rolls & Backpacking Systems

Emergency Radios

Freeze Dried Food (Long lasting survival food)

Personal Protective Equipment

First Aid Kits

Shelter and Sleep Systems

Water Filtration

Cooking Systems

Silky Saws

Flashlights & Navigation

Survival Gear/ Misc

Fire Starting




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7 thoughts on “Food VS Gold in SHTF

  1. Everything is so scenario dependent. Then, depending upon the scenario, it is timeline driven – different values on different commodities vary as the situation develops. All too often, I believe we are too monolithic in our prepping – we see one scenario and anything that does not meet our plan for reacting to that scenario becomes superfluous. I would prefer to be a little more holistic in my preps. And, rather than being a bug out superhero, I also believe we should develop decision matrices, so that we know when to hunker down and when to bug out. The matrices would also assist in determining the optimum time to bug out, if that is the appropriate action.

  2. Gold will be 100% irrelevant! How do you use it? No one will accept it because it has no general meaning or value to the average person. Only two things will have value: US cash and barter. In fact, that which costs $100 now, will likely cost $1000 or more after HTF. And if you are starving, you will barter your car away for one live chicken to eat. But offering a starving man a lump of gold for his car will get you NOTHING! How do you trade in gold? How do you break up the pieces of a $1200 gold piece to buy something worth $55? How do you weight it? How can you be sure it is not fake? It is completely 100% impractical. Gold is NOT a commodity. It is only viewed as a commodity because of its imputed fiat “value.” It has zero intrinsic value. Once the HTF happens, there is no fiat economic structure in place, by definition, and so its basis for “value” is completely lost. Cash will still have value because of its cultural value. Gold has little to no cultural value compared to CASH or BARTER.

  3. In the day 1990s there was a Labour exchange group in New England, just Labour…u mow guy x’s yard for guy b’s chicken how successful was it. ..dpt treasury shut it down 13 million untaxed dollars traded a month…think on that

  4. Ok…fulminade of silver…brass cartridges, fulminade of gold. ..mortars and artillary shells, but wait there’s more recently in England gold injection. ..cure for cancer, carries the medicine directly to tumors, just not in America because we wait until we bill you before saving you, but wait there’s more, gold as a medium of exchange came about by it having a standard weight and labor too extract across culture and was more portable than wine. …big trade items in the day silk, slaves, spices and specie., besides u can always make jewelry so four reasons, but any light, portable commodity will have value, but gold having no intrinsic value, or silver, colloidal silver u gotta be smoking something and the fulminades can be made w 1820 tech as well as the medicines. ..just saying

  5. I prefer getting silver, it’s less value and thus easier to get smaller amounts of something. Because surplus generally comes in the form of one commodity from one source. Meaning, if you want 12 eggs, will you want to pay in gold for that ? … would like to add to that, that i prefer silver in the form of jewelry, this mainly because trade will likely be in ‘weight of silver’, which jewelry can provide. But, the shape of the jewelry gives it another function, not so much that it will have more value, but it may well make it easier to close the deal on a trade for the silver, as the silver can also provide the added use of wearing it as jewelry. This type of silver is also somewhat easier to get than say coins, where a fair amount of price is added due to the collectors value; yet another bonus is that jewelers are obligated to ‘mark’ their jewelry, with the type of silver used, and thus it will be easier for Jane or John Doe to identify the object as truly being made of silver. Where as a metal coin may well present him/her with a fair bit of suspicion.

  6. I think you are correct. Cash would be good at first until people realize it’s worthless, then bartering goods. Precious metals will become more important after things settle down.

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