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Former Prisoner Speaks about SHTF: Will Prisoners Survive?

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I talk to a well known former prisoner who has left the life of crime to educate people about the realities of prison. His name is Marcus and runs the successful youtube channel Fresh Out: Life after the Penitentiary. Go and subscribe to his channel here to learn how to survive on the inside!

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13 thoughts on “Former Prisoner Speaks about SHTF: Will Prisoners Survive?

    1. Hey man, just wanted to say that if ever this ‘gig’ stops working, remember that it’s just one of many legal things you can do. Just try and come up with a new plan and execute. Because now that things work out it will be easy to keep it going, but the hard part comes when it stops doing so, and at that point the easy route is to just ‘fall back on what you know to work’. Which is this case would be to ‘make a plan regarding legal activities and execute that’, right 😉 Be safe and good luck !

    2. Vox Populi
      Signs and Symbols is how Free masons communicate to one another in front of the sheeple. They don’t use words. That’s your answer!!

    3. Real Truth & Uncovering Lies Really? Why would the words “un convicted felon” be strewn across it? How are you gunna uncover lies and truth if ya can’t even decipher a damn tshirt…that’s my question

  1. Good video, Congratulations Marcus for turning your life around. One thing that wasn’t mentioned, is that people that work the streets or are street savvy are master manipulators.They know how to work every angle.

  2. I agree 100% most guards are not going to just kill people…I know I wouldn’t, Ill be unlocking some doors. especially the ones that are cool and non-violent ….everyone deserves a second chance IMO.

  3. I will be the first to admit that I don’t trust “urban” people because of the stereotype associated with Black people and crime. That being said I am impressed by Marcus and him having overcome his vices and served his time. I guess what I would say to that is that I respect someone more for having lived a difficult life and having overcome that through great effort a lot more than I respect someone who has always had it easy.

    As for the question of race, I still think a lot of the stereotypes hold true, but people can’t really help what race they’re born as. I will do my best in the times ahead to judge people based on their character and not by prejudiced opinions, although I will likely still be very cautious around “his kind”.

  4. I did almost a year in total, after accidentally shooting and killing my Dad with a 22. Ruger from 30 yards away. It was an intense time of my life, sitting in a cell for months on end. Not know if I was going to do 20 years to live.My Mom who is a paraplegic wrote a book named “No Way To Run” that tell’s how we learned that my Dad who was 20 years older than my Mom was also a pedophiles.And thanks for those 4 SHTF packs that I bought off of you for my family!

  5. There’s not going to be killing inmates. The guards will trickle out awol until there aren’t enough to deal with any problems that arise. Then it’s going to be every man for himself. And with if it’s not that bad, like an earthquake, are they going to execute everyone then come back 3 days later like nothing happened? There are too many opportunities to walk away, most normal people wouldn’t risk confronting prisoners to do them harm.

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