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Glock 19 Gen 5 with James Yeager – After 400 Rounds Fired

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The Glock 19 Gen 5 is the latest version of one of the most popular 9mm pistols in the world. I had the chance to fire about 400 rounds through one while Taking the Fighting Pistol class with James Yeager at his Tactical Response training center. In this video we talk about my experience and James explains the differences between the Gen 5 and the Gen 4 versions of this excellent handgun.

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16 thoughts on “Glock 19 Gen 5 with James Yeager – After 400 Rounds Fired

  1. Nice look at the Gen 5 Bryan. Glad you were able to make it to Tactical Response for a class. It kinda confirms to me again that there were not any ground breaking changes, but the cutout on the mag well seems like a decent change. I personally am also glad they removed the grooves from the grip.

  2. Been offline because of Hurricane Irma. Got back to my house Monday. Power was restored yesterday and Internet today. What’s one of the first things I do? Check out Survival On Purpose!!

    Anyway… I got to check out a Gen 5 Glock 19 within a few days of its release. (I already own a Gen 3 and Gen 4.) My thoughts? It’s a great gun right out of the box! Super accurate with the factory sights. I’m left-handed, but have never used left-handed controls on any of my guns, so those features are unimportant to me. I actually prefer the finger grooves because they fit my hand perfectly, but I understand the decision to remove them. What I did not care for was the cut out for pulling out the mag if necessary. It was “bitey” in my hand. All in all, the Gen 5 is a great gun for those in the market for a new Glock. “If you like your Glock, you can keep your Glock.” (Sorry… My attempt at a little political humor.)

  3. Met Brian in the Team room night before his TR FP class. He is indeed a mild mannered guy and interesting to talk and listen to. I had the opportunity to fire the Gen 5 G19 earlier that day and agree with both James and Brian’s generalizations, if you have a Glock and it works for you, there is no practical reason to upgrade. BTW- there were 12 people in the team room when I met Brian then James walked in so I’m sure you dont remember me. Nice to see your channel since I got back myself.

    1. +JustDanO I am sure I would remember if I saw you. Whenever I hear “mild mannered”
      it makes me think of Clark Kent. But it’s awful hard to find a phone booth these days. 😉

    1. Survival On Purpose Sorry Brian, I wasn’t directly asking you personally, but if you had an opinion, I was also asking if any of you’re subscribers had an opinion as well, that’s why I said anyone, good video as always ??

    2. Survival On Purpose I was just wanting to get an opinion on batteries is all, still new to the high end flashlights and batteries

  4. meh, glocks are a standard. id never call them a out of the box great gun, because they just aren’t . Theres a reason the aftermarket parts market is so huge for them. People wouldn’t be spending as much as they did on the gun buying aftermarket triggers and such if they were half as great as people claim. Theres also reasons i don’t trust yeagers opinion on any thing. This is another of them. Glock should have stopped at gen 3.

    Glocks make for great race/ISPCA guns with a lot of work, but thats about it in my mind for good uses of them.

    1. Im 100% utility and defense and i personally hate them for carry. Its mostly personal preference. If all you want is reliability theres no shortage of good guns. I just think for what they are glocks are to pricey any more and I just don’t wanna bother with keeping around a hot rod toy gun. Which is ware i feel glock shines. Its not that i absolutely hate glocks, i just dont like them a lot and theres a lot of other gun i prefer. i’ve owned them, i just never end up keeping them. I like the idea of glocks, but i dislike shooting them and i hate most of the ”features”. Regardless of the use i can always find something better and/or cheaper. Reliability in modern guns isnt a great selling point almost all of them are reliable. Glocks have gone down hill if you ask me. I don’t feel they are keeping up with other gun makers at all any more.

      My taste lean toward old smiths, Beretta and sig. I don’t like poly or striker guns much. Just preference. If all you care about is it going bang i really feel theres a lot of options beside glock that are arguably better or at least as good. I don’t think statistically glocks are any better than most other big name guns at this point as far as failure.

      As for Jame’s opinion, i trust it about as much as a used car salesmen.

    2. +The Ranting Hick I guess it depends on whether you want a gun for competition or personal defense. James is 100% about actual use against bad guys as opposed to competition. 2 completely different things in my opinion. They do exactly what I want in a carry pistol: go bang reliably.

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