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Habilis Bush Tools New Knives – Blade Show 2018

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My first “real” bushcraft knife was the Pathfinder Trade Knife from Habilis Bush Tools. I always like to check with them and see what they have new.

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15 thoughts on “Habilis Bush Tools New Knives – Blade Show 2018

  1. Now that I look closer at the Habilis knives, they look like they’re drop point blades with a clip point combination. What do you call that? A modified clip point, modified drop point, or something different. Whatever it is, I really like it.

  2. The clip point designation I know, it’s the reasoning behind the design of the clip point that I’d like to learn about. Looking at it, it seems that it would good for drilling among other things. I’ll check it out on Google or look for a YouTube vid about it. All of the knife shapes and designs have a purpose. What are the thoughts and reasonings behind their unique shapes? I’ll look into it.

  3. BTW, relative to the Explorer model, why do ya think the spine of the knife takes that dip towards the tip?

  4. Good video-G10 is glass filled Micarta and is more durable than linen or paper filled. The red spacers on Buck Knives classic hunting knives are linen filled Micarta. Habilis has a better design for bushcraft.

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