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Hangin with Tac

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Warning some swearing

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7 thoughts on “Hangin with Tac

  1. Did you buy the ammo cheap, is it old? If not, you might want to contact the factory and see what they say. BTW – I know you are just shooting for fun and enjoying it – but do you ever have your jaw drop when you watch Jerry Miculek and Hickok 45, nail those gongs at 20, 50 and 75 yards with a pistol, time after time? I know they have done it for decades – but when I watch Miculek slam three targets, four rounds each, in under three seconds, I just sit there and shake my head. Anyway – good video.

  2. love all your videos – but I wonder, am I the only one who hears you say, Welcome back my friends… and then hears the line from the old ELP song – “to the show that never ends…” ?

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