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HAWG Holsters FAQ – Concealed Carry Everyday

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I sat down with HAWG Holsters owner John Abbott to talk about how we met, his company philosophy and some of the details that make HAWG Holsters the best concealed carry holster I have ever used.

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12 thoughts on “HAWG Holsters FAQ – Concealed Carry Everyday

  1. And they were all running. My Pop was a U.S.M.C. marksmanship instructor. I’ve shot since four years. I’ve also harvested deer and wild pigs with it. And coached some gangsters into picking up their trash in the park.

  2. Still to date, there is NO other holster that has a better “snap in” than Hawg Holsters. It’s crazy. You really don’t need to adjust the retention on this holster because it legitimately is perfect. I would recommend a Hawg Holster before ANY OTHER holster on the market. Especially because it comes standard with an ulticlip – btw GREAT sales pitch hahaha

  3. Thanks for this video. I most definitely need to get one of these. I’ve been watching your videos on this holster for a long time now, I need to grab one bad. ?????

  4. Keep pouring out the gun videos Bryan, love’em. Those are nice, would make it harder for someone to snatch it in a altercation too. ?.

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