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Hogue Grips For S&W 629 :Tactical Show

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7 thoughts on “Hogue Grips For S&W 629 :Tactical Show

  1. I got the same grip for my Ruger GP100, it actually came with it, and never thought of changing them because they feel so great in hand.

  2. Nice upgrade Tac! Those houge grips always dress up a pistol real nice. I have a slip- on grip for the Ruger p95. Big difference. Play on playa!

  3. Hogue safe nice , I have some Herrert grips for a 1911 . 38 Super and a Colt Cobra circa 1955. Hogues are a deidinite upgrade, from what your revolver came with

  4. make a shroud for the barrel with a green Lazer and a tactical strobe light.
    a judge dredd look.
    custom trigger
    red with drilled out holes and minimal pull.
    takeoff the sights and rails on top.
    I dunno justa thought.

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