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Hollow Grind Schrade SCHF43 Jessica X – Rip Off Or Honest Mistake?

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The Schrade SCHF43 Jessica X (or Jess X) knife, designed by Chris Tanner from Prepared Mind 101, has been a controversial knife since its release. Some people can’t stand the way it looks and others cringe at the thought of a knife designed to chop and baton wood because those are “axe tasks”. But one thing that has not been questioned is its rock solid performance. But the controversy surrounding the latest production run of these knives calls that performance into question now. That’s what I want to talk about in this video.

Chris Tanner’s video testing the hollow grind:

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7 thoughts on “Hollow Grind Schrade SCHF43 Jessica X – Rip Off Or Honest Mistake?

  1. I get why Chris would be upset. But I wasn’t buying a Jessica X anyway. Darn thing is funky looking.

  2. Say Heah Bryan, I heard some distressing things from King Jess-X. He thought that putting a long handle on a BK-9 type blade, real original heh heh heh, Well he does have some friends that bought the knife. But what happens after he runs out of friends to buy it. If you didn’t get one for free, would you buy one. I always wished Schrade used the 1095 CroVan, They don’t, I don’t buy Schrades, There’s a saying I learned a long time ago. Money talks and B. S. walks. Yeah, I like Chris, But he tried to make himself big stuff, Chris started out just like you Bryan, He not a engineer. Dave C. is, William Collins is a true knife designer, He doesn’t depend on Schrade like Chris did. He makes his own, and doing quite good. I think Chris didn’t believe he could be bummed off the hill. You remember playing king of the hill, Every body tried to knock the king off the hill, It’s not just in the game but in life too. Again, Money talks [,,,] walks.,,. p

  3. I have such MAD respect for your take on this whole fiasco. I admit that when I watched Chris’ rant on this, all I learned was that he rages a lot, like the Hulk (which is NOT incredible). I do understand why, though, as he is the designer, has his logo on the tool, and sold the design to Schrade, so I guess there was a feeling of powerlessness due to not being able to fix the situation and leave happily. But at the same time, you have to be open-minded, even thinking about things you don’t want to think to try and understand the situation. Schrade was wrong to change the design without notice, but calling them bad right off the bat is most certainly uncalled for to a company that “bought” and have “full ownership” of the the design. The least Chris could have done was try to come up with a list of reasons why Schrade would do such a thing and try to handle the situation more professionally than try smack at the company’s face to the point they want nothing to do with Chris. Bryan, I’m glad you took the time to breakdown this situation.

  4. I think you made a very well constructed message Brian, you keep doing what you want to do. I support you 110%. Enough drama, more reviews!

    BTW, that little balance test at the end, was that in reference to Chris when he said he almost had a heart attack when you threw the Jess-X in the gauntlet video?

    P.S. I don’t care much for the Jess-X anyways(don’t tell Chris).

  5. Brian…I think, and I SAID this to Chris On his videos…right off the bat…major problem is HT and QC issues when production shifts to China. Copyright infringement and false advertising are the run of the mill when it comes to knives there. The problem with any SCHRADE knife is now at least for me HT. how do I know my Sharpfinger wouldn’t snap off skinning a buck?? I didn’t say Taylor Brands were crooks. I said SNW needs to go back to making REVOLVERS.

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