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How Many Magazines Do You Need?

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7 thoughts on “How Many Magazines Do You Need?

  1. evil ones try to destroy us, we are armed and prepared for attack, we take on the world with rebellion, we’re dangerous down to last, Armed and Dangerous…. Anthrax…

  2. awesome content! I would agree, at least 5 mags depending on the capacity. Personally, I want at least 10-15 30 round mags for my AR-15 and about 8 17 round mags for my 9mm. you can always reload, but I wouldn’t expect to be in a gunfight in which I would actually use all that ammo, unless we were to have war on American soil. Otherwise I see it highly unlikely to ever encounter a bad guy ready for a fight with a 1000 rounds or more ready at their disposal. But there is a first time for everything, lol.

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