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How to make a man happy (Christmas Edition)

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How to make a man happy (Christmas Edition)

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12 thoughts on “How to make a man happy (Christmas Edition)

    1. +Rufus Chucklebutty Maybe the “increase in the population” came from babies surviving and growing up instead of dying from malnutrition, disease, etc. thanks to the aid they get. Where are people’s humanity?

    2. +Cesar Gonzalez wrong, western aid has only achieved an increase in the population which now requires more aid to support.

    3. This was such a Beautiful thing you did. Julian seems like such a nice guy and his village seems so friendly that I sent him 100 euros for Christmas. Tell him Merry Christmas from me please!!!

    4. Your absolutely wrong, it’s not over population that is the problem, it’s corrupt governments and fighting within the country. If you stop aid millions of people will suffer horribly of starvation and disease, it is the opposite we need to send more aid.

  1. Sorry Lilly, I’m hoping this is just a friendship and nothing more.
    Now I will be thinking twice before I buy that special knife.

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