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I WASN’T PREPARED FOR THIS | Primal Life Vlog – 003

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In this episode of Primal Life I talk about an ongoing struggle I have, and show you guys around on a mini-1 day vacation we took. Get this awesome remote controlled jeep for your kid! they have them for girls and boys. —

Song by: Jeff Kaale

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15 thoughts on “I WASN’T PREPARED FOR THIS | Primal Life Vlog – 003

  1. You’re living your life how you want, man. You have a beautiful family. A great work ethic and that’s one of the reasons I subscribed. Keep it up and stay on your grind. 100

  2. I’ll tell ya what, this video fantastic! The video, the music, and the graphics in the beginning and end were great! Great job Ian! Take care

  3. I agree the balance is VERY hard but it’s not all about whether you enjoy the work. For some people it’s more scheduling, and others just have the personality that lets everyone heap weight on their back until it gets to be too much. That was always me. I recognize that now though and make a point to not allow it. Working for myself has also helped a lot.

    This was a great vlog man! I missed the first two but I’m gonna go back and watch them now. You’re a lucky man.

  4. I chased the almighty dollar all my yrs, I was brought up by my dad to believe you had to sacrifice you home life to provide. I missed WAYYY to much of my children’s life’s and finally I lost my marriage. If a man’s not careful and doesn’t balance things he can end up financial prostitute. Trading his hrs, doing things he hates, usually for or with people he doesn’t want to be around for the money he needs to survive. Just my thoughts

  5. Lol where the brakes at 😀 Don’t worry bro, I’ve been run over as well 😀 I agree when you love your work, it’s hard to disconnect…to a certain point though 😀

    1. It’s only ever been easy for me when i’m 48 hours into a project and need a break before I die lol.

  6. Beautiful daughter you have. my daughter is 15 now,miss the younger days with her, well we fixed that and had a son,he is almost 2 now. startover….lol. enjoy them when they are little,when they grow up there friends become just a little more important than mom and dad. thanks 4 sharing.

  7. hear you brother on family being top priority and having to love what you do. its obviously very different from what you do but ive been in my job for over 7 years now and i love it. everyday i learn somthing new and make a difference to someones life, that what its all about.
    oh and that outdoor shop at the end looked sweet! nothing quite like that here.
    keep grinding brother!

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