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I’m Not Proud of This… | Primal Life Vlog – 010

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11 thoughts on “I’m Not Proud of This… | Primal Life Vlog – 010

  1. I’m also not proud of where I am. Luckily I’m deploying right now so I’ll be able to focus more. Just have to eliminate all sugars and sprint. Being aware there needs to be a change is half the battle.

  2. It takes a lot to put this out, in a world of trolls. Good luck/determination to you. Hope you get where you want to be!

  3. Takes balls to put yourself on the chopping block and you’re doing it to motivate people to better themselves, good on you bro.

  4. Hey man, it sounds like you’re fed up like I am with my weight. I’m also the biggest I’ve ever been. I was 155 – 160lbs in the Army. Now I’m just over 200lbs. I notice it’s harder to tie my shoes as well, and I had to buy XL shirts to conceal my weapon. ( I always wore M or L). I’ve recently started running and rucking again, trying to get back in shape. You don’t have to be proud of where you’re at, but be proud of your determination and where you’re going.

  5. Dude! I am super impressed with your transparency. It takes real courage to allow yourself to be this vulnerable. Keep grinding! Don’t lose hope! If you ever begin to doubt yourself, know you have a supporter in me! I’m rooting for you!

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