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It’s Time To Wage War – The Warrior Tribe (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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After watching this full video it should answer any questions you have about our Warrior Tribe and show you what we are all about. If you’re ready to become a member, join here:

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15 thoughts on “It’s Time To Wage War – The Warrior Tribe (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

  1. I wanted to join but I noticed u were connected by Facebook which can be
    monitored. I was going to download the hello app but unfortunately it wants
    access to certain files. I would like to join but do you operate in the UK
    and could I remain like the Gray man (lone wolf kinda thing). I have
    outdoor experience and also trained fighting experience. I have knowledge
    of survival but its rusty and its little bits of everything.

    1. how can I join ? and I’m not doing anything illegal lol jus looking after
      number one I speak to my friends about what’s happening in the world and UK
      but they don’t listen because they don’t believe things like this can
      happen even though it’s happened before. so I’m pretty much on my own

    2. +tysonprepper you can participate as much or as little as you like. Being
      in our FB groups or chat channel isn’t mandatory, however that’s the bread
      and butter of how we are all connected. Unless you’re doing something
      illegal or something that you’d need to hide in that way you shouldn’t need
      to worry about it. Everything we do is closed to members only. You’re
      welcome to join just to support and be a silent member though. Whatever you
      prefer man.

  2. very good points of Survival and team work very nice educational video
    aswel , i think i will want to join this team for sure, im into
    Survival&Outdoors&Gear, etc. and your Team seems to be Legit for all of
    this , cheers

  3. Man, I have watched/listened since stumbling across you months & months
    ago. I absolutely MUST say the most appreciated “series” I have been
    addicted to is your urban survival/awareness. Whilst I spent many years
    living in rural Australia hunting, camping, etc I now live in a city of 5
    million ( due to my good lady not wanting to move out to the country –
    after being raised in a city of 17 million). Whilst she agree’s, proscribes
    to the need of preparation & awareness she simply won’t leave the city on a
    permanent basis. THEREFORE due to my love for her I have no choice but to
    be an “urban warrior”. (long winded I know). So….basically what I’m
    trying to get to, is that more of your knowledge & experience for city
    dwellers would be greatly appreciated.

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