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It’s Time To Wage War – The Warrior Tribe (TEASER/TRAILER)

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18 thoughts on “It’s Time To Wage War – The Warrior Tribe (TEASER/TRAILER)

    1. I really appreciate it man! Would love to see you join the tribe soon! Keep
      an eye for the official promo though, it will be the next video uploaded.

    2. +Michael Z click the link in the description to learn more now and also
      stay tuned as we launch the official video tomorrow night/Monday morning.
      It will be going in depth to show you what we are all about.

  1. I watched a video on how to be in the Warrior tribe I guess I just don’t
    understand how a person will get training that isn’t located near you

    1. +Tactical T you can find all of our information via the link in the
      description. Our training platform is in development and will launch next
      year but there’s still a lot of things we do. Just wait for the new
      official promo video to launch. It goes live Sunday night.

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