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Make Youtube Great Again?

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What is happening to Youtube is happening to our society as a whole, mundane mediocrity and ever increasing obsession with increasing profits year over year until bust… is the order of the day!

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7 thoughts on “Make Youtube Great Again?

  1. YouTube (and by association, Google) and other “social media platforms” like FaceBook, Twitter and most of the rest of them have been infiltrated and corrupted by very rabid ultra liberal elements that are so confused that they are trying to force a “big brother” type of communist socialist way of treating everyone.
    On YouTube a video that is demonetized still displays ads and YouTube earns the money and not the video creator.
    All the social media sites are rushing headlong into making everything plain vanilla so that some of the loudest idiots do not get “offended”.
    But as we all know, things evolve and Darwins theory kicks in.
    Someone will develop a new social medium model that the wimps and  bleeding hearts will not be able to mess with and these will replace the current crop of mealy mouthed platforms available.
    Imagine if you had FULL CONTROL of your content and the monetization thereof…
    Imagine if your content rose to the top of the trending list in your category because of the number of views it got and not based onsome skewed algorithm put in place to appease the “feelings” of the left wing socialistic communists.
    Google, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter et al are at the moment VERY HIGH TREES in the social media forest but as we all know, the very tall trees are most vulnerable to wind and can very easily be blown off balance and come crashing down if they lean just a little bit too far.
    The American government propped up the banking system in 2008 and kept it from sinking totally but will (or can) they prop up the social media giants when the public move onto a new set of ways of doing things that exclude the current giants?
    I don’t think so…
    Once any platform or website looses someone to a better alternative the NEVER GET THEM BACK.

  2. That’s right MONEY don’t bring happiness ..but it brings OPTIONS if fiat is valuable . I think it’s taking care of what you have is BEST . Glad I’m free.

  3. In fairness, it is a sound business principle: if your business is not growing, it’s probably getting smaller. It’s always safer for a business to survive the turbulent ebbs and flows of the economy if that business is clearly growing. It’s the nature of business that for things to be in “perfect balance” would: (1) hard to determine, (2) a real tight-rope act to maintain. You would not build a house under the silly assumption that the weather will always be sunny and mild with only gentle showers each night while you are sleeping. Well, you should not build a business that way either. It’s a serious misconception among many small business owners is that equilibrium is somehow “natural.” It is not. Nature is virtually never in equilibrium, especially not in markets; nature also has its highs and lows and is constantly changing. I would say that Youtube, if this were really the problem, would be right to react the way that they do.
    Personally, I believe that there’s a sea-change coming for Internet-based businesses. Remember the dot-com bubble? It was a time when when a lot of people had invested in anything Internet under the mistaken belief that “all that is Internet is gold.” This is a common market phenomenon when revolutionary technologies hit the marketplace. Now we are in the big-winner phase, but this too will pass, as the things that allowed these businesses to survive the dot-com bubble are not the same thing that will allow them to persevere over the long term. I think that this is the reason that many of these Internet-based mega-corps are seeking to get government to intervene through the veiled attack on the ISPs called Net Neutrality.
    ¬† Far from being any kind of “neutrality”, Net Neutrality would hamstring the growth of the ISPs. So just what is it that the Internet meta-corps fear? I believe it is the power and potential of cheap and wide-spread super-fast bandwidth in individual homes. All of the current internet super powers are basically Internet server-based businesses. Part of what makes them needed is the uber-band-width servers that they provide. Now, imagine an Internet on which this was not so very unique. Imagine an Internet where individuals or consortia of individuals could easily accomplish what the mega-corps are doing now. Consider this: computer hardware continues to get cheaper, faster, and more reliable. This, too, is cyclical, but it continues apace. There is also the prospect of the development of new technologies in the marketplace that could change the game over night, sort of like cars and trucks making horse-and-buggy transportation obsolete in a short time frame. Throughout the history of supposedly free markets, the wealthy winners of one phase of development have tried to maintain their position in the marketplace by leveraging the power of government to suppress potential competition. This actually was the true story behind the so-called Robber Barron Era in United States history. The problem was not so much monopoly as it was big businesses buying politicians to craft laws to stifle competition. It worked extraordinarily well for many super-wealthy business owners. Now people wonder why big Internet monopolies are so enamored with the left-wing of American politics. It’s not so very difficult to figure out. The political left — in the current phase of American politics, at least — is basically government for sale. You can figure it out from there.

  4. The best Roman soldiers were allowed to retire early…. that’s why their military came to suck. Ridiculous dotage villas.

  5. first off I got this video on the 7th, so it was a day late, and as long as google (alphabet) owns youtube it will only get worse just look at what their are doing in china. This problem is not going to get solved until google gets away from youtube and I don’t think thats going to happen, hopefully compitition will help

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