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Making Beef Jerky in your Oven: EASY, TASTY, CHEAP!

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No dehydrator? No problem! Save hundreds of dollars instead of buying it from the store for jerky which is 10X better in the oven!

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9 thoughts on “Making Beef Jerky in your Oven: EASY, TASTY, CHEAP!

  1. I’m going to use this trick to help feed the homeless I’m working on
    building a small army of church folk that could feed local homeless..
    praise Jesus.

  2. I really, really appreciate this. I use dehydrators only for jerky, and
    this is a much better way for quantities, quality and cleaning than my
    conventional dehydrator.

  3. .GREAT video. Smokers are NOT very expensive and pretty easy to make if
    cost IS an issue. I keep the tenderloins but the rest of the venison gets
    jerked or stewed. I like to use DIY soda flavoring for a little variety.
    Rootbeer venison jerky is REALLY good!

  4. The smart thing to do would be buying a large piece of meat not a roast.
    You are paying for someone else to trim the fat. Take the time to learn to
    butcher and save money. You will get more in the end.

    1. Only reason i say this, is that I work there and in the meat dept for 3yrs.
      So I started to know prices. Typically you can pay 3 to 5 dollars more a kg
      for the butcher to cut it. The other thing is that if you leave it in the
      vac package it can go in the fridge for anther 2 to 3weeks, as long as its
      not leaking blood. You dont need much for knives as long as they are sharp.
      If your not sure on how to butcher, youtube is great for that info.

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