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Maxpedition Lithvore EDC Pack Review

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8 thoughts on “Maxpedition Lithvore EDC Pack Review

  1. Another great review Sootch! I’m sold on Maxpedition. I caught a couple of the older type Gear Slingers on clearance last year. got one khaki for work and one black to match the bike of course. Also bought the universal holsters for each. I couldn’t be happier with my investment. And BTW I’m glad you didn’t face plant when that limb

  2. Great review, watch out for those tics! They’re bad this year man. Last hike I went on with my gf and her family I had 3 on me.

  3. Love it Sootch. You’re the reason why I got into Maxpedition in the first place. Rock on Brother. III%

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