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Militarism and Survival after SHTF: Who Will Lead?

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Calling out the Youtube “Generals”, too many captains and not enough soldiers… You don’t need to have military experience to run a community post-collapse but its an asset.

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7 thoughts on “Militarism and Survival after SHTF: Who Will Lead?

  1. This video was different than i expected … i thought this was going to be about leaders and followers … and how everybody thinks they are a leader, while you only really need ONE, and nobody thinks they are a follower, even though besides ‘the one’ everybody will have to confine to that role (of follower) … which may well be a good topic for another video.

  2. I am not a military guy. I know a few, but all are ex-military to be precise. So first, China is definitely still a military dictatorship which is why people there disappear (despite fame) and work camps are prevalent. A lot of military guys have other skills, including scientific, and are not necessarily limited. Maybe because they are ex- they are not as soaked in the rank structure, or the “without question” following of orders (at least when bullets are not flyjng). You are correct though that in the long run, military discipline and rank are not the way to run a free society — as the British military of the 1700 and 1800s showed around the world. Balance in all things.

  3. Thanks CP, I agree with many of the things you have said in this video. Without getting into details and the intention of padding myself on the back, throughout my carrier, I’ve worked with and also have had many ex-military personnel work for me. I’ve hired up to LTC and have worked with Generals. My experience is very similar to what you stated. The lower rank personnel can be great followers, and although they clearly have their own opinion and will voice it when given the opportunity, they are not sufficiently trained and the majority are not educated beyond their narrow set of expertise to lead. At the other end of the spectrum, the LTC were broader but the ones that I hired and dealt with were still quite narrow and specialized. So Although they had large organization leadership experience, they still were trained to have narrow sets of expertise ( that may have been since I was hiring from their technical pool of leadership).  

    On the other hand, although I have never hired senior military leadership (Generals – above my pay grade), I have interacted, worked and met with them in meetings and/or diners. They are clearly head and shoulders above the rest! Again, let me qualify the ones that I have worked with, were groomed and trained and proven themselves to be politicians and leaders. Although I personally prefer the more competent and less political ones.

    In fact the US Military as well as many US and UK government agencies, and some BLUE blooded private corporations (Hint, hint) , train, groom and promote employees that have developed the broad set of leadership skills. Historically these have been the best leaders the world has seen.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for your service to the preparedness community.

  4. honestly, it is my belief that the leaders after STHF will be those that show advantage to becoming a “member” of their group.  People that have the ability to organize and protect, initially, then start thinking to the long term.  If they are even reasonably skilled at leadership, being the catalyst for a vision that provides a path to security and stability will be a siren call for many people.

  5. SFC ROM.. 25 year Vet. Great Video. This video cannot be listened to causally, The listener must set aside any prejudices and listen to it with an analytical mind set. What CP has described is exactly how we are today. To say he is wrong is to say our society today is wrong. Our society is not perfect but it works. As CP stated at first we will need good military Leadership (survival). But at some point that leadership must pass on the leadership bottom to the people. There must be checks and balances with any society to thrive. If the General wants to have a bigger say in the military then they resign their commission and enters politics.

  6. You’re absolutely right, military and civilian skills are equally important. In the beginning military skills will be first and foremost, but as things stabilize, we will start to focus on living. I am not military, but am very military minded. In the “stable” situation after shtf, a military mindset must be maintained to defend the communities. Yes, some will become dictators, they are the ones we need to guard against. Most groups will become democratic, because it is hard to get people who aren’t military to live military. Eventually eating becomes more important than playing soldier. and don’t forget, we have families.

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