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My Current 2018 EDC Gear Pocket Dump

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My EDC – Everyday Carry – items have not changed a lot over the past few years. I’ve make a couple of tweaks but, overall, I still travel pretty light. Here’s sort of a pocket dump.

Here are links to purchase all the gear I carry and use daily:

Klik Belt 2 Ply Tactical Belt:

Hawg Holsters Premium IWB Kydex Holster:
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“SURVIVALONPURPOSE” (all one word, no quotes)

Glock Magazine Pouch:

Schrade Tactical Pen:

Zebra Pen:

Vanquest Vault Wallet:

Olight i3e AAA Flashlight:

Swiss Army Classic Penknife:

Clipper Refillable Lighter:

TK4 Tourniquet:

Lifeproof Waterproof Phone Case:

Casio Solar Watch (current version):

Suunto Clipper Watchband Compass:

Also, not mentioned but what I was wearing in the video:

TruSpec Camp Shirt:

TruSpec 24/7 Expedition Pants:

And, if you want to see them, here are some videos about the gear shown here:

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14 thoughts on “My Current 2018 EDC Gear Pocket Dump

  1. You should check out the rats tourniquet. I bought mine with a readyman sleeve and it’s very compact. I carry it everyday in my front jean pocket.

  2. I think you carry a lot and not light weight in my eyes but a whole lot of people carry more stuff so that makes it light ?

    1. Survival On Purpose yes i do.. at least compared to me it is I carry my home key and car key and that is it. That said I can not carry a knife because of my work at an airport

  3. My concealed carry instructor accidently shot himself with his 40 cal. competition gun. I believe a turniquet is a great idea. He would agree, as he almost bled out trying to make it from his shooting range to his house.

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