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My Thoughts on “Climate Collapse” and the Guy Mcpherson Interview

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See the interview here
Part 1

Part 2

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10 thoughts on “My Thoughts on “Climate Collapse” and the Guy Mcpherson Interview

    1. Even if Guy’s perspective doesn’t change, he’ll own a first class preparedness tool. They are awesome saws.

  1. With all due respect, I use to believe that mankind can affect the weather, up until “Global warming” got a new NAME face-lift and was called, “Climate change.” Climate change is a huge basket that “everything” can conveniently fit into, “Global warming” is NOT, if the data reads that the climate is NOT warming, you have a real big problem calling it “Global warming.” Then I landed on the” hypocrite theory” regarding climate change, Al Gore making tons of money with the chicken little theory, I follow the money, look also at Leonardo Dicaprio, another one who flies around in jets to places around the globe to protest the very fuels, he burns to do so, in the end time will tell. When there is an entire populace to be controlled by politicians through regulation of energy, and unfounded fear of environmental disaster you then have a 1984 type controlled society. Btw, CP your choice of a German shepherd for security, is excellent, very loyal to there master and family. Fyi… When they get older they can get hip problems. I miss my Shepherd called “Lancelot.” Take care CP.

  2. I think we need a panel discussion of experts on both sides of the global warming debate. I hear a lot of claims from so-called experts, but they never seem to speak in terms of numbers and facts.

  3. He makes some good points and I agree with him on some things but for him to predict that things will come to a end on his predictions is ridiculous. Yes there are problems going on in this world but nobody knows when things will end. I’m a follower of Christ and all the answers we need are in the Bible. The signs are every where and I also do believe things are coming to a end. Without the second coming of Christ man is doom. It’s a given that man will destroy there self. Like he said we will use up all our resources and eventually there will be no more. The only thing that can save us is Jesus Christ our lord and savior. To the ones that don’t believe I pray for u. When the rapture comes we will all see the truth and what is about to unfold.

  4. you looking for another voice/ get in contact with diamond at oppenheimer ranch project, or dave at suspicious observers.

  5. McPherson is correct in saying that climate change and its extremes are unstoppable. People won’t reduce their CO2 footprint by even 10% and we have to REMOVE excess CO2 from the atmosphere if we are to have a survivable habitat in perhaps 30-50 years time. The cumulative effects of CO2 remain in the atmosphere for millennia, so warming will only increase, as will ocean acidification which is harming the marine environment and its major global food source.

    The only technological solutions to actually remove CO2 from the atmosphere are so small and insignificant in scale that they can be discounted as realistic remedies. So obviously things will just get worse and worse until a tipping point is triggered causing probably an abrupt global food crisis, or an unstoppable sequence of catastrophe annihilations fed by positive feedback loops. Governments know this, and they are not prepared to jeopardize today’s delicate economies by funding drastic remediation measures which disrupt society and which ordinary folk won’t understand the need for. However, a global societal collapse is inevitable – it might not be in the 10 years predicted by McPherson – but it could be; we just don’t know because the human habitat is degrading rapidly and changing faster than it ever has whilst we have lived in the planet.

    If we can’t feed 7.4 billion people today with fairly stable (but declining) weather for crop production then how can we possibly feed 9 billion in a decade or so? It’s like all of humanity is living with a terminal illness and nobody wants to talk about it.

  6. Agree Climate Change is a threat….BUT…..To Say…that we should all give up…Throw Are Arms in the Air….Sit Around a Camp Fire and Sing Koom Bia…..that flys in the face of Prepping….you know what i say….nothing is over Until the Fat Lady Sings… and like i said to Guy….i would not go down without a Fight….but that got me BLOCKED. SO…Agree 100% we are toast? NO THANKS..

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