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My Thoughts on the “Adpocalypse” and Knee Jerk Reactions

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Quick video shot with the S7 Edge about the big “Apocalypse” and both Channels and Viewers freaking out. MY views only really apply to MY genre and channels that are around my size. Some of these Mega-Channels that got so big they needed an equally big budget… yeah… they’re screwed at the moment.

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7 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the “Adpocalypse” and Knee Jerk Reactions

  1. Good advice. Please continue as long as you can. You are my authority on purchasing items. Keep telling us the truth. I will continue to follow your advise

  2. Nice vid final a cool ? level headed view
    Is there another YouTube like platform besides Facebook and its violent crime content

  3. Sensible view Chris…panic equals mistakes….hope most folks had the sense (and means) to put money away to keep their channels and more importantly their livelyhood viable…

  4. I’ve been watching you since you first came on the “tube”….you started out rough, but have grown into a good channel that I can’t really criticize. The thing is, is that this whole YouTube phenomena is an experiment, a work in progress…something REALLY new, and all along, as it grows and changes, including its business model, you have changed with it. Quite frankly I think your biggest challenge is yourself, continuing to be interesting, new and fresh. And you do have some competition. I think your strongest suit is that you are very pragmatic, down to earth…practical in your evaluation of gear. But gear reviews are not enough, creating knives is fine, but moving towards, camping, bushcrafting, and partnering with Will and others just adds another layer of quality, you seem to get along well with others, and if you see yourself as a host, you can ask good questions, prompt your friends to share their knowledge and watchers can learn new stuff from your guests. You mentioned Joe Robinet…I love his channel, his camping trips are addicting and entertaining. People watch, because they want to get something out of it…when you evaluate a product, I believe you. You have credibility, but you earned it. I always stop to see what you got cooking. I live right by DHL trading Co. in Marinette, so their products always interest me. But I LIVE in a Nat. Forest most of the year, for over 50 years…I am a backwoodsman, and I already have a great set of knives! But they always interest me. So where will your channel go in the future? You are on a journey, and I see an evolution, perhaps a greater mix of gear, guests and outdoors usage.
    Good luck. GEW

  5. There are actually a few alternatives that are starting to get more attention such as minds .com or vidme I’ve seen some channels move to. They are a lot less restrictive when it comes to content as long as it’s not racism or porn it meets there standards and your free to put out content

  6. Well said. I enjoy watching your channel.Keep on doing what you do. And if you’re making a little money, then good for you. A lot of people aren’t as talented as you to express yourself to them, the way you do .Talk to ya…

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