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My Top 5 Prepping Priorities- Recognizing Mistakes & Setting New Goals

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8 thoughts on “My Top 5 Prepping Priorities- Recognizing Mistakes & Setting New Goals

  1. I will have to start keeping my greenhouse magazines for you. They have had several articles about growing vegetables in warehouses with LED lights.

  2. Thanks for the video, Iowa bro! My priorities have changed over the past year as well. I turned 60 last month. I’ve had a condition that has come on slowly the past four years or so… it’s called a “tired hip”. It has nothing to do with bones, but is a degeneration of the ligaments that attach the muscular tendons to the hip. I can’t walk over 1/4 mile without having to stop for several minutes rest, and then again and again. They don’t have a good way to deal with this yet… taking a lot of natural supplements these days. The wife and I are going to focus our efforts on staying put for as long as possible. May have to go down with the ship. HA!!! You mentioned looking into Jerusalem Artichokes… we grow a big bed of these (need loose soil). They grow a lot of tubers that are like potatoes, but they tend to spoil faster that taters as well. And don’t eat too many in raw form… they are also known as “fart-a-chokes”, if you know what I’m saying. Best boiled and then mashed. We are actually looking more at sweet potatoes this coming year. There are new varieties out there that are supposed to produce faster and larger… we are going to try some this year. We live a couple blocks from a very large lake. I’m slowly making friends with folks who live on the lake… (water and fishing). I do have 2 55 gl barrels catching water from the gutters, but need to re-do the filtering… getting too much crap in the water still. I agree with putting back the freeze dried foods. It’s a roller coaster here with storing up grains and canned foods… we do good for awhile, and then find ourselves being lazy on it. It’s hard to keep up. We have to do better with food.

  3. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of great new goals. I agree that once we recognize our mistakes, we can really move forward. I’m looking forward to that indoor growing idea, seeing what can be grown indoors effectively. Lots of stuff can be grown indoors, just depends on how it’s done.

  4. several years ago I watched a show on tv that featured a cylindrical wind turbine that was no taller then 1 1/2 number 10 cans, it can catch wind from all directions and can be mounted on top of your house or garage or a pole

  5. we all go through that kind of thing, we are human, getting stuff in place takes time as well as money. I’m still working on getting a trike to replace the one that was stolen last fall I do not have any stove or grill that uses any kind of fuel in cans. we got another winter storm coming. Iowa weather is so whacked!!!!!

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