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New Line of Budget Kydex Sheaths for Mora Knives

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11 thoughts on “New Line of Budget Kydex Sheaths for Mora Knives

  1. Wow brother good to see you back and with smiles?? The little eldris is such a great knife, they make cool wood handle mods.

    1. No I didn’t. I never got the froe ordered before BTI took over Schrade and now I don’t really want one because of their shady business practices.

  2. Bought two and love them.. I did find out about the model difference .. I have 4 Companions and two of them are the heavier blades. *brain cramp* lol

    1. Thanks but I have two of the carbon steel thin ones… I may pick up one for one of the heaver one later when I find out which model I actually have..

    2. Oh no I hope you have the models that fit those sheaths at least. If not I can switch them out for you.

  3. This looks and sounds like it’ll be a popular line for the Mora knives Indeed. Thanks for sharing.

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